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My approach to consultation is both collaborative and empowering. Whether you are asking general questions about EMDR or presenting a specific case, I want you to walk away informed, confident, and inspired. As you begin to conceptualize your clients through the lens of trauma and EMDR, you will become more and more motivated to keep learning. I will teach you to recognize dissociation and defenses in clients and help you prepare them for trauma processing with Flash Technique, nervous system psychoeducation, mapping parts of self, attachment resourcing, and more.

I also help therapists with professional development such as starting a private practice, growing a specialization, and how to network well. 


In addition to being an EMDR trainer and consultant, I have been a facilitator for Dr. Philip Manfield’s EMDR trainings for over a decade. I have also been a facilitator for advanced trauma workshops with Rachel Walker, MFT where the focus has been on parts work and dissociation. I have had the privilege of providing consultation for over 300 therapists world wide. 

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I offer group and individual consultation for therapists learning the basics of EMDR, seeking EMDRIA Certification, and Consultants-In-Training. Currently, I have six consultation groups that meet online monthly. Groups have a maximum of eight participants.

Please email me for availability and to join a group:

  • First Tuesday of the month, 8-10am

  • First Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm

  • Second Tuesday of the month, 8-10am

  • Second Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm

  • Third Monday of the month, 5-7pm

  • Last Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm, *advanced clinicians

Consultation Prices:

  • Individual consultation (50 minutes) $175

  • Group consultation (2 hours) $110

Therapists, use the button above to schedule an individual consultation session. Please note, this is not for clients.

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